Tips To Set A Dinner Table Right


Setting a dinner table right is essential to have a good meals without any difficulty. Especially when guests are invited to a party then the dining table settings play a vital role in attracting them towards the meal. There are various themes and ideas that will help in setting the dining table right according to the occasion such as anniversary, birthday party, festivals, thanks giving party and congratulatory party. Here are some basics that will help in setting the dining table right.

Choose the right cutleries and serving vessels as they will play a vital role in the dining table. Tables shall be decorated according to the theme. Flowers will be very attractive when dining as they provide an appealing feel. Place the plates along with the glass, spoons, knife and forks at their right spots. Do not forget to place the napkin and confirm if the alignment is right on the table.

Soup will be the first dish that will be served, so it is necessary to keep the required cutleries at the right position. Decorating it with slim slices of food from a mandolin can also help – here is a good option.When the first course of the meal is completed the related vessels have to be removed to make the dining table is more comfortable and neat. Later the main course will be served, and it will contain items like fish, chicken, vegetables, bread and so on. Usually, the knife’s sharp side should be placed facing inside. And the plate might be bought with the food already served, or the serving might be done on the dining table according to the requirement. Forks and knives will be used for having the food. Later salads will be bought for which a midsized place will be used. Finally, the course will end with a dessert. This will give a complete feeling to the meal.

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