Know The Value Of Antique Tables

If there is an antique table at home or an antique table is got recently, here are a few steps that will help to know the age and real value of the table. In recent days, there are many fake products in the market and these tips will help to stay safe from the cheaters. A simple but important fact to be noted is that search for the brand name or a manufacturing symbol on the table. If sharp edges are felt when the hands are run over the sides of the table, then it is a modern table. The one with uneven but smooth finishes are the antique pieces. Next, note the screws that are used to connect the various parts of the table, if the ridges slightly differ then there are more possible for the piece to be antique. If the finishing is even in the screw then it a modern product.

There will be certain types of antique legs like snake legs used in the antique table which are not done commonly in the recent days. This will help to find the difference between the original and duplicate pieces very easily. A snake foot belongs to the mid 18th century whereas elephant legs belong to mid 14th to mid 16th century. In the 18th century, industrial revolution occurred and this simplified the process of making wooden furniture and also provided a smooth finish to the table. Therefore, this might look like modern pieces but actually, they will be more valuable than expected. Make sure there are no repair works done on the antique piece as they will reduce the value of the product largely. One has to be very careful while evaluating the antique furniture.

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