Find When An Antique Armoire Was Made

Armoire was considered to be very essential in the earlier days, and it is not very famous in the recent days as closets were included in the planning rather than armoires by the architects. This antique furniture has regained its importance recently. Hence, here are some points to be noted when buying an armoire. One will be very interested in knowing the age of the antique piece and for this, it is not necessary to hire a professional. To determine if an armoire is an antique piece or not is simple. All you need to do is to take a close look at it. Since all the oakwood furniture was handmade, it will not be very perfect so if an armoire is perfect then it does not belong to ancient days.

Next point to be noted will be the wood. In earlier days, the wood used to make an armoire will be of very high quality. Only the inner parts, bottom and backside will be done out of low quality wood. However, the recent pieces will be created using a single type of wood. If the armoire is carved, it is essential to run your fingers on it. If they are uneven and a bit bumpy, then it is an antique piece, and this is because the carvings are done by hand. In the recent pieces, the works will be perfect and smooth as machines are used for the manufacturing purpose. The older woods will be dark in color, and this will be due to the fact that water will be evaporated with time and lead to shrinking of wood. The panels will not be fitting perfectly due to this reason. Patina will be there in the knobs if they are antiques.

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