Dawn Engle-sambleHey, I am Mark and welcome to my blog. I am an artist by profession and collecting furniture is my hobby. My interest towards furniture started at the age of 17, when I visited my Uncle’s farmhouse for the first time. There, I was mesmerized to see his amazing collection of vintage and antique furniture. Since then, I started reading many books on furniture styles and designs.

At the age of 22, I bought my first Victorian type antique furniture. Today, I nearly own some hundred types of antique furniture. I also involve selling antique furniture. In addition to buying and selling furniture, I also provide lot of advices to people regarding antique furniture. Of late, lot of people have been coming and asking advices and ideas regarding antique furniture. In this blog, I have posted various information related to antique furniture.

I have explained the tips and ideas for maintaining antique furniture. I have tried my best to explain the contents in simple language. If you do not agree with my post or feel like objecting, just convey through the comment section. I am always open to comments and feedbacks as it helps me to get better. Visit my blog regularly to read more post. Thanks.