Different Styles Of Beautiful Pine Tables

Turned Leg Pine Tables

Pine Trestle Tables

Tapered Leg Pine Tables

Pine Trestle Tables ​can be a stunning show piece to any dining room. If made from very old pine floorboards, and the stretcher an ends also made from very old rustic boards, and waxed nicely, these can look beautiful. Be careful when having such a table made for you, because if not made from old pine it can look wrong. 

An example of a trestle table on Wikipedia

Pine tapered leg tables are usually to be found in the dining room. Typically, a 5 - 6 foot pine table will have tapered legs starting from a width of about 3" or 3.5" at the top of the leg and tapering to 2" or 2.5" at the bottom. Larger tables can obviously have thicker legs. 
Always check the knee room height (floor to underside of skirt) of your pine table, depending on how high your chairs are.

Dining Tables Guide

 Pine turned leg tables tend to be used more as kitchen tables. If your pine table is newly made, even if the tops have been made from old pine floorboards (to give an authentic antique look) the legs can be made from new pine. These can then be distressed, treated with an ageing solution (caustic) and then wax finished. The eye is usually drawn more to the table top rather than the base so, as long as the tone and colour is similar this is usually fine. See images here of all types of turned leg tables

Pine Refectory tables tend to have straight - square or turned legs, and one stretcher between the legs at the ends, and another joining in the centre of the first stretcher, and running along the length of the table. You can find some beautiful pine tables for sale in Oxfordshire here. The first image on the right is of an old pine refectory table with square legs. The second is a refectory table with turned legs.